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I'm a busy mum of two young children and I love to cook! I particularly love cooking with fresh, natural produce that provides nutritional value. I also believe that life is all about balance, so I offset all of that healthy food with plenty of chocolate and wine! I am Cookpad's UK Community Manager so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.
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Lottie Storey
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Food & lifestyle blogger at Oyster & Pearl: www.oysterandpearl.co.uk • Instagram: www.instagram.com/lottie_storey • Co-author of The Mount Athos Diet: www.lottiestorey.co.uk/the-mount-athos-diet • English storysmith • Francophile flaneur
Amz Nay
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I find cooking food therapeutic as it relaxes me, mix that with exotic flavours and I'm in heaven 😀
Megan Naylor
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Richard Hiscutt
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Dad of 3. Ran an ultra-marathon this year on LCHF, & swimming a lot next year on a more plant-based diet. Need inspiration!
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Recipes using Nutcessity Cashew, Brazil & Coconut butters... organic, vegan & very versatile... followable @nutcessity on insta + fcbk.
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If you don't eat... (You die!) I'm an Aussie boy who loves to cook. I love simple tasty dishes that are easy to cook- and even easier to eat.
Matt Watson
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Matt Pain
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I know about 6 recipes; one of those is boiled eggs....
Fenella Powell
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I have an obsession with all things food! Especially Italian cuisine 🇮🇹 . I'm also a competitive powerlifter and am constantly looking for new healthy (and not-so-healthy :D) recipes to try!