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I love this Cookpad Site, Recipes, friends, interesting people and outstanding recipes, and able to see and to taste food from all over the world. i have learned so much more here, spices , herbs and lovely recipes of different cultures. 😀💙
Tea Pramita
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I love eating and to try many kinds of recipes ... I really like pizza and pasta ... But of course, i also love anything from my country ... hahaha 😇😇 that is my priority ...
Tea Pramita
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so love to try any kind of food and make it by myself ... I'm a food entusiast ... 🤗🤗🤗
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I have always loved cooking, I remember cooking with an open fire (mawe tatu- 3 stones) as early as 5 years old. Food is to be shared and celebrated, I love to do it now with my daughter, Little Miss Sunshine 😇
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please see my other recipes at tami vandiford & taminc7. I love to cook, simple & tasty food :). I am so glad there's a place for me to share my recipes!! Please like my Facebook Recipe Page at Tami's Simple Suppers and more. Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram :)