Easy and Addictive Cookies Crispy without Eggs

Easy and Addictive Cookies Crispy without Eggs

I wanted make simple cookies with the ingredients I have at home so that whenever my kids want to eat cookies, I can make some.

If it's hard to make in the bag, you can knead the dough in a bowl in a usual way If the dough is dry and it's hard to come together, add 1 teaspoon of milk (not listed) and if needed, increase the amount accordingly. If you form the dough into a log, and freeze it, you can slice it while it's still frozen, and bake cookies anytime you want. Recipe by Miruty



30 servings
  1. 120 grams Cake flour
  2. 40 grams Sugar
  3. 60 grams Margarine


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    Put the cake flour and sugar in a thick plastic bag. Alternatively place a small bowl wrapped with the bag, then measure the ingredients. This way is easier.

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    Lightly twist the bag, and keep some air inside. Shake the bag. It's sifted.

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    Add margarine (it's ok if it's still cold) the same way as Step 1, and rub in the dough until it's no longer floury.

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    Roll with a rolling pin to 5 mm thick in the bag. It's easier if you fold the bag and make a square.

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    Open up the bag with kitchen scissors, cut out your preferred shapes, and lay on a baking sheet lined with a parchment paper.

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    Bake in the preheated oven at 170℃ (340℉) for about 20 minutes, and it's done. Freshly cooked ones are soft, but when they are cooled, they become crispy.

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    It's cute to modify this recipe with store-bought candies.

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    This is also a recipe variation. These nice cheese flavored cookies are made with a small amount of sugar and grated cheese. They're tasty as well.

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    This is a whole wheat flour version. I used half the amount of cake flour and finely ground whole wheat flour. They are also crispy.

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    Add cocoa powder and enjoy making various patterned cookies.

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    You can use half margarine and half vegetable oil. But if you use too much vegetable oil, it will change the flavour, so I recommend using up to half amount.

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    Vegetable oil make the dough sticky, so either add a small amount or let the dough rest in the fridge. You can decrease the amount of sugar by 10 g if you like.

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