Refreshing, Sweet & Savory Simmered Chicken Drumettes

Refreshing, Sweet & Savory Simmered Chicken Drumettes

I posted this for my own reference. This recipe comes from a distant relative. I had the pleasure of having some with them, so I asked for the recipe and now I make this often with my added touches.

Adding the mirin at the end gives a glazed finish. The meat is tender when done.
In Step 1, it's best to cook both sides of the meat. Be careful, though, because if you overcook it, the meat is going to be tough.
In Step 3, simmer it on a very low heat setting.
I made my drop lid out of aluminum foil, so I made a hole in the center of it. Recipe by rie-tin



8 servings
  1. 500 grams Chicken drums
  2. 50 ml ★Soy sauce
  3. 50 ml ★Cooking sake
  4. 50 ml ★Vinegar
  5. 50 grams ★Sugar
  6. 50 ml ☆ Mirin (to add later)


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    Heat a small amount of oil (not listed in ingredients) in a frying pan or a thick bottomed pot. Next, add the chicken and gently cook till the surface is lightly browned.

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    Add the [★] ingredients to the chicken from Step 1, and simmer. The mirin will be added later. It's handy if you use a kitchen timer.

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    Put a drop lid on the pot, cover it with the actual lid, and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. If the liquid is evaporating and it looks like it's going to burn, add in a little water.

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    Turn the meat over once while cooking. For the last five minutes, add the mirin and simmer till it has a glazed finish. It's almost done when it looks like this.

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    Transfer to a serving plate and sprinkle on sesame seeds to taste, then it's done!

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    Trick to remembering the weights of each ingredient: Chicken is 500 grams. The five ingredients are 50 ml each. So "5" is the motif. Think "five, five, five..." to remember it.

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