Chinese Stir-Fried Malabar Spinach (Tsuru-Murasaki)

Chinese Stir-Fried Malabar Spinach (Tsuru-Murasaki)

I used to only prepare malabar spinach Japanese style, but it was always somewhat unappetizing. Then, when I added it to Chinese stir-fry, it turned it really good. So now, whenever we have malabar spinach, I always fix it this way.

Some say it's best to parboil the malabar spinach to mellow out the strong flavor, but since the nutrients are lost that way, I wanted to come up with a way to use them as is. The addition of maitake mushrooms helps to neutralize the raw green taste of the malabar spinach. For those who don't like the wild taste of greens, be sure to include maitake. For 2 to 3 servings. Recipe by Kourin



3 servings
  1. 14 stalks Malabar spinach
  2. 175 grams Maitake mushrooms
  3. 150 grams Sliced beef (shoulder loin)
  4. 1 large clove Garlic
  5. 2 tbsp Sesame oil
  6. 100 ml ● Water
  7. 50 ml ● Cooking sake
  8. 1 tsp ● Chicken soup stock granules
  9. 1 tbsp ● Oyster sauce
  10. 1/2 tsp ● White sugar
  11. 1 tbsp potato starch with 3 tablespoons water Katakuriko slurry


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    Mince the garlic, shred the maitake mushrooms and cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Combine the ● ingredients.

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    Separate the leaves from the stalks of the malabar spinach.

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    Diagonally slice the stalks.

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    Put sesame oil and garlic in frying pan, turn on the heat, and when the aroma has released, add the meat. When the meat has cooked halfway through, add the maitake and spinach stalks, then sauté.

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    Once the sautéed ingredients have cooked through, add the leaves, sauté until tender, then pour the seasoning made from the ● ingredients in a circular motion, and toss.

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    Shift the sautéed ingredients to the side of the pan, then add the katakuriko dissolved in water, briskly mix until the sauce thickens, evenly coating the ingredients, then serve.

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    Try this recipe with different ingredients: Chinese-Style Cauliflower Stir-Fry,.

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