Authentic Kanto-Style Sakura Mochi - Just Mix and Cook

Authentic Kanto-Style Sakura Mochi - Just Mix and Cook

I've tried many different variations of this and finally settled on one I like.

The cooked dough dries out really easily, so be sure to cover it with cling wrap or a dish towel (once it hardens, it's very hard to wrap). A Teflon crepe pan is the best for cooking the dough. The pickled sakura leaves are very salty, so be sure to soak them for a while. For 15. Recipe by Smuchi



15 servings
  1. 100 grams ●Cake flour
  2. 25 grams ●Shiratamako
  3. 30 grams ●Sugar
  4. 1 Red food coloring
  5. 250 ml Water
  6. 300 grams Red bean (puree or paste)
  7. 15 Pickled sakura leaves (remove salt)


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    Sift the ● ingredients into a bowl, add water, and whisk together.

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    Add red food coloring in small increments to Step 1 to lightly color (the color can darken much quicker than you expect).

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    If you have time, cover Step 2 with cling wrap and let stand for 20-30 minutes (you can skip this if necessary).

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    While the flour is resting, form the red bean paste into 15 balls.

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    Heat a (Teflon) frying pan for crepes on medium. After the dough is warmed, remove from heat, spread into ovals, and return to heat.

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    When the dough is semi-transparent, flip it over. When both sides are cooked, spread on a cutting board so they don't overlap (to prevent drying out, cover with a dish towel).

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    Wrap the red bean in the dough from Step 5, wrap with a sakura leaf, and enjoy!

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