Homemade Yuzu Kosho (Citrus Chili Paste)

Homemade Yuzu Kosho (Citrus Chili Paste)

Yuzu kosho is a spicy (and salty) Japanese condiment made with zest from yuzu citrus and hot green chilis. Usually green yuzu is used but in this case I used the yellow kind. It's amazing with grilled chicken and fish, and steam veggies like daikon radish. You can substitute meyer lemon or other fragrant citrus for yuzu, and red chilis for green (though the color will change). If you have a microplane, it makes zesting super easy! This recipe makes a couple tablespoons (you only need a little bit at a time) and keeps for a few months in the fridge.

I recommend using organic, non-waxed citrus or citrus from a friend's tree since you're using the skin.



1 serving
  1. 4 small green chilis (Japanese or Thai work well)
  2. 10 small yuzu or other fragrant citrus like Meyer lemons
  3. 2 tbsp sea salt


10 mins
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    Wash the yuzu skin well and zest with a microplane or zester. You can also use a knife to carefully slice off the peel, then cut into small pieces. Try not to get any of the white part underneath the skin as it's a bit bitter.

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    Chop up the green chilis and add all ingredients to a mortar & pestle (Japanese suribachi if you have it) or a small food processor. Using a mortar & pestle will bring out the fragrance and flavor of the citrus a bit better.

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    Grind or process until you have a yellow-ish green paste.

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    Scrap into a glass jar (don't use plastic or metal because the yuzu kosho could pick up unwanted flavors).

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    Cover with a bit of plastic wrap and put on the lid. Store in the fridge for several months. It's quite salty and spicy so you only need to use a little at a time!

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