Soy Sesame Shiitake

Soy Sesame Shiitake

Watched the episode of Chef's Table with the Korean Monk Jeong Kwan. I'm really fascinated with temple cooking, so this monk's story and cooking style resonated with me. I'm sure I don't do it justice, but this is my attempt to recreate one of Jeong Kwan's dishes 🙇

Ryan Goodwin


  1. 6 medium shiitake mushrooms
  2. 2 tbsp sesame oil
  3. 1/4 cup soy sauce


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    Heat a heavy skillet with sesame oil.

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    Remove stem and any gills that are present from shiitake.

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    Carefully, with a sharp paring knife, make a very shallow slice, ever so slightly off-center, and angled slightly towards the center of the cap, in the top of one shiitake cap.

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    Make a very shallow opposing slice, to meet the previous slice. You should be able to remove a sliver of the cap, leaving a white crevice across the cap, where the flesh is revealed.

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    Spin the cap about 120 degrees and repeat, meeting the previous gap at the center. You should now have an X shape visible in the cap of your mushroom.

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    Repeat once more, and you should have a sorta star pattern in your mushroom cap.

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    Place the mushrooms, cap down, in the hot sesame oil. You don't want the temperature too high, just sizzling steadily.

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    After a couple minutes, flip the caps. Keep flipping every so often, u til the shiitake are cooked through, 10 minutes or so I'd say.

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    Add the soy and let it reduce a bit around the mushroom caps.

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    Serve. I laid mine over some spinach with a little broth and some assorted pickles.

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