Chikoo(Sapodilla) Icecream

Chikoo(Sapodilla) Icecream

Summer is at its boom.. Icecreams are everyone favorite so beat the heat I made this healthy chikoo flavor Icecream

Shikha Gupta


2 perspn
  1. 1 cup whipping heavy cream
  2. 3-4 big Ripe Chikoo
  3. 2 tbsp or more condensed milk
  4. 2 tbsp dry roasted almonds sliced


6-7 hours
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    First whipped chilled heavy whipping cream at its peak

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    Add condensed milk.Mix well

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    Peel chikoo cut and puree it..

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    Add puree in whipping cream

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    Add roasted nuts mix well..Pour this mixture in Icecream mould

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    Freeze it for 6-7. Hours or as it sets..

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    Serve your healthy yummy chikoo Icecream

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