My Lazy Yakisoba (Japanese Stir fried noodle)

My Lazy Yakisoba (Japanese Stir fried noodle)

Easy and simple yakisoba recipe for those who don't know what to cook in Japan. This is typical street food during summer festivals in Japan too. ;D

Usually we cook yakisoba with some meat! But I didn't have any meat in the fridge. So I used only vegetables and mushrooms for this time. You can make own yakisoba noodle with some vegetables left in your fridge too! So easy!

Harune H


1 person
  1. Yakisoba noodle
  2. 1/4 carrot or less
  3. 1/4 onion or less
  4. 20 g Moyashi (Bean sprouts)
  5. 1/2 small Green pepper
  6. Fried egg (if you like)
  7. Yakisoba sauce powder (usually it comes with noodles when you buy them at supermarkets in Japan)


  1. Change

    Cut vegetables and mushroom.

  2. Change

    Stir them in a pan.

  3. Change

    When you add noodle, also add water a bit to soften noodle.

  4. Change

    Add yakisoba sauce powder and mix well.

  5. Change

    You can put a fried egg on Yakisoba. (Additional) Enjoy!

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