Arabian Style Yogurt and Cucumber Salad

Arabian Style Yogurt and Cucumber Salad

A very refreshing salad. It is very common to eat it in summer because both cucumber and yogurt can cool the temperature of the body. Mint is added to complete the ultimate fresh flavor. It is usually served as a sauce for dishes rice dishes.

*I prefer it without garlic, but if you like would like to try it with garlic, just add minced garlic in the end.

Dima Fahoum


1 serving
  1. 200 g Yogurt (Unsweetened)
  2. 1 cucumber
  3. Handful Fresh Mint, OR, 1\4 Tsp of dried mint
  4. 1/4 Tsp Salt (adjustable according to your taste)
  5. little bit of water (adjustable according to your preference)
  6. 1 clove Garlic (Optional)*


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    Cut the cucumber into small pieces, OR, grate it (if water comes out don't throw it, keep it)

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    Pour the yogurt into a large bowl, and mix a little.

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    Add the cucumber to the yogurt bowl

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    Add the salt, water, and mix

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    Add the mint and mix

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    In hot days, you can add ice cubes to make it even more refreshing!

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    Sahtein (Bon appetit)!

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