Vickys Halloween Savoury Severed Fingers...

Vickys Halloween Savoury Severed Fingers...

Vicky@Jacks Free-From Cookbook


  1. 1 hotdog sausage and bun per person
  2. tomato sauce / ketchup for blood and other condiments of choice
  3. some flaked almonds or a fingernail shape cut from veg of your choice - onion is good


10 mins
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    Use a knife to nick the 'knuckles' of the hotdog fingers, 3 strokes in the middle then 3 near one of the ends

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    Heat the hotdogs as the instructions say (usually simmer in the brine for a minute or two or microwave for a minute) to open up the slashes you just made and warm the buns

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    Add any other condiments such as mustard, ketchup or fried onions etc before you put the sausage in so its not buried beneath toppings

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    At one end place a dollop of ketchup where the finger has been severed

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    At the other make a yucky fingernail out of a sliced almond, stuck on with sauce or just cut a slice from the hotdog itself and stick it back on the opposite way so the inside is facing out. I used fried onion here

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    Serve as severed fingers! Or 'Finger Rolls'!

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