Crock Pot Sausage & Cheese Tortellini

Crock Pot Sausage & Cheese Tortellini

Super easy and delicious!! :)



  1. 1 lb Italian Sausage
  2. 20 oz Frozen Three-Cheese Tortellini
  3. 32 oz Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  4. 2 can Italian Diced Tomatoes
  5. 8 oz Cream Cheese or Neufchâtel Cheese
  6. 1 Grated Parmesan Cheese for topping!


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    Take your cream cheese or Neufchâtel out of the fridge, and let it sit while you quickly brown your meat.

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    Add the sausage and tortellini to your Crock Pot. Pour the tomatoes, liquid and all, and broth over the top. Add your cream cheese to the Pot in chunks.

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    Give your Crock Pot a good stir to get everything evenly distributed, making sure the liquids are adequately covering the tortellini.

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    Cook on LOW for a total of 3 1/2-4 hours. Stir at 1 1/2 hours, and again at 3 hours, removing the lid for the last 30 minutes of cooking. This will give the sauce some time to thicken up. You can leave the lid off longer if you need more thickening time, but stir every so often. Enjoy!!

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