Oven roasted eggplant

Oven roasted eggplant

Low carb recipe and tasty. You don't need oil, just a piece of parchment paper.



1 serving
  1. 1 eggplant
  2. garlic powder
  3. rosemary
  4. paprika


5 mins
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    Preheat your oven at 250°C

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    Slice your eggplant in large slices (1cm or a bit more) and place them on a parchment paper.

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    Just add your preferred spice. i like garlic or rosemary but you can try other spices ;)

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    Heat your eggplant slices for 20min. On the last 5min use the grill of your oven but be careful not burn your eggplant :)

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    Bon appétit ! ;)

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