Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

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1 serving
  1. 10 Irish potatoes
  2. small cup vegetable oil
  3. 3 carrots
  4. little qty of green beans
  5. 1 cucumber
  6. teaspoon olive oil
  7. I table spoon of mayonnaise


30 minutes
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    Peel the Irish potatoes, wash and boil for 20 minutes using a gas cooker ensure is very soft. Then you drop from heat 🔥

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    You can either use a clean mortar and pestle to mashes the soft potatoes or any other methods that is convenient for you after you have mashed the potatoes pour in a bowl add very little water and little quantity of vegetable oil stir it and put it in a microwave 4 minutes to heat then your mashed potatoes is ready

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    For your vegetable salad - wash your carrots, green beans, cucumber

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    Cut the carrots into long and slender shapes, cut the cucumber into tiny round shapes, and the green beans should be left long the way it is

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    Then you pour everything in a bowl mixed together then you place a frypan on heat add a table spoon of mayonnaise and teaspoon of olive oil as soon as it's hot you pour your mixed vegetable and stir fried for just 3 minutes then your mixed vegetables is ready

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