Chicken stuffing casserole

Chicken stuffing casserole



8 servings
  1. 3 box stovetop chicken stuffing
  2. 5 large chicken breasts
  3. 2 can cream of mushroom soup
  4. 2 can cream of chicken soup
  5. 1 1/2 cup chicken broth
  6. 1 medium onion
  7. 1 can corn
  8. 2 cup mozzarella cheese


45 mins
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    Preheat you oven to 350°

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    Dice the onion small

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    Dice the raw chicken breasts into bite size pieces

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    Cook the diced chicken in a large frying pan using your favorite seasonings. I use salt, pepper, and garlic

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    Once the chicken is cooked place it your casserole dish

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    Take one of each of the cans of soup and mix it in with the cooked chicken in the casserole dish

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    Take the remaining two cans of soup and mix with the chicken broth in your frying pan, heat until it bubbles

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    Add your stovetop stuffing to the frying pan and mix well

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    Add diced onion and the can of drained corn to your stuffing mixture

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    Heat your stuffing mixture for about five minutes on medium heat

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    Place a thin layer of mozzarella on your chicken mixture

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    Soon the stuffing mixture on top off the cheese and chicken in the casserole dish and place in the oven

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    Cook casserole at 350° for 30 minutes

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    Turn your oven up to broil for about five minutes or until your stuffing starts to Brown and get crunchy

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    And a light sprinkling of cheese over the top and continue to broil for about two minutes or until your cheese browns

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    Remove from the oven and enjoy with your family and friends

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