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Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya

I got this recipe from BBC Good Food and tweaked it slightly. I really enjoy it; it tastes great, and it is simple and quick to make.

I've put it serves two, but there are usually some leftover for lunch the next day when I make it for just the two of us.



2 servings
  1. 2 Chicken Breasts
  2. 1 Onion
  3. 1 Red Onion
  4. 1 Red Pepper
  5. 2 Garlic Cloves
  6. 1 Chopped Chilli (Depending on taste)
  7. 100 grams Chorizo
  8. 2 tbsp Cajun Spice (More depending on taste)
  9. 250 grams Rice
  10. 400 grams Chopped Tomato Tin
  11. 350 ml Chicken Stock


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    Brown chicken breasts and set aside (5-8 minutes).

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    Fry off the onions (3-4 minutes).

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    Add red pepper, garlic cloves, chilli, chorizo and Cajun spice. Stir and cook for 5 minutes.

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    Stir chicken back in.

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    Add rice, chopped tomatoes and chicken stock.

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    Cover and simmer for approximately 20 minutes (Until rice is tender and most liquid has been absorbed). Check regularly and stir to ensure it doesn't dry out.

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    Add more Cajun spice if you wish.

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