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  1. 1 bunch limes
  2. 1 bunch lemons
  3. 2 liter lime cordial
  4. 30 liter cloudy lemonade
  5. 6 liter vodka
  6. 1/2 kg Sugar
  7. 1 Ice


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    Quarter and squeeze a little of the limes and lemons into large bowls - don't throw them away

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    Pour all the (cheap) vodka into a large plastic bin, and add all of the fruit and juices.

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    Stir in the sugar until you have a strongly alcoholic morass

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    Add the lime cordial and lemonade, stirring all the while

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    Cover the bin with plastic film and leave the fruit to diffuse its flavour into the yakka for 2-4 days

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    Some people claim that yakka "ferments". No starter culture (e.g. yeast) is used, so there is no fermentation going on here. Leaving the mixture for several days is for flavour purposes only. This does make the alcohol harder to taste - yakka is a very dangerous drink!)

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    Serves 50 normal people (or 30 debaters)

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