Steak special casserole

Steak special casserole

Perfect way to use left over steak.. Amounts depend on how much or how big you want.. I normally make little extra n use left overs for toasted sandwich for next meal.. You can use sauces of your choice.. I use whatever I usually have available at that time.. It's an easy no fuss meal..enjoy



  1. 1 saucy cooked steak
  2. 1 French fries
  3. 1 lettuce cucmber green pepper. cubed
  4. 1 mayonaise
  5. 1 chillies sauce or peri peri sauce etc
  6. 1 tomatoe sauce. mustard sauce
  7. 1 grated cheese


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    Break steak into small pieces n add sauce

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    Fry chips n spice with salt vinegar

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    Shred lettuce n chop cucmber n pepper fine n toss in some mayo

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    Layer steak in oven dish n drizzled sauces over

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    Put French fries over n drizzle tomatoe sauce n mustard sauce over.

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    Put salad over n blobs of mayo

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    Mix slightly.. Than top with grated cheesd

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    Add sauces or spices. According to taste..

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    Pop in oven to warm till cheese melts just before serving..

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