Mexican Cabbage "Slaw"

Mexican Cabbage "Slaw"

This is inspired by a condiment/side that they serve at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Molino Central, in Sonoma, CA.

My version is super simple, fast, and great as an addition to tacos or as a base for a taco bowl type meal. I've made it with different kinds of cabbage, vinegar, and sometimes add special additions like slivered red onion or toasted pumpkin seeds.



4 servings
  1. 1 smallish head cabbage (red or green) slivered or sliced finely
  2. Splash olive oil
  3. Splash Apple cider vinegar
  4. Sprinkle of salt
  5. Fresh cracked black pepper


5 mins
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    Combine all ingredients and mix well.

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    You're done! It's THAT easy!

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