Mike's 1 lb Juicy Grilled Burger Palooza!

Mike's 1 lb Juicy Grilled Burger Palooza!

It's the weekend so tonight was once again, "Dealer's Choice," for all of my tiny 7 And 8 year old students! It was grilled hamburger night and their only requirement was to build a juicy, delicious, totally imaginative burger.

I put out just about every ingredient you could possibly imagine for them to create a memorable, one of a kind, crazy fantastic juicy burger. I left it up to my students to decide exactly what they wanted and, left them to their own devices. [other than the grilling part - apparently kids catch on fire pretty quick ..... who knew?]

Anyway, there were countless submissions - as it was a class of 23 children. In the end, over 40 pounds of ground beef was ultimately grilled. I've listed some of the most creative and delicious burgers they prepared. Pictures to appear shortly once edited!

Featured is an 8" tall submission by one of my 8 year old students. She dubbed it, "The Onion-ator!" It's a cheese and sautéed onion topped Lipton Onion, cheese stuffed Juicy Lucy with all the chilly garden fresh trimmings! Man, was this sucker juicy and beyond delicious! Excellent work Ryder! You know you're the reason your mother is now wearing sweatpants right? 😆



2 servings
  1. ● To Start With
  2. 2 Pounds Quality 80/20 Ground Beef Chuck
  3. As Needed
  4. Pickles [sweet or dill]
  5. Sliced Beefeater Tomatoes
  6. Fresh Lettuce [all types]
  7. White Onions [sautéed with butter]
  8. Red Onions [sautéed or fresh]
  9. Ketchup [regular or spicy]
  10. Mustards [regular, Asian & stone ground]
  11. Cheeses Of All Kinds [be it blue cheese, brie, garlic, cream cheese, provolone, new zealand, cheddar, velveta, etc., anything with a low melting point - unless serving atop burgers]
  12. Fresh Herbs
  13. Packets Ranch
  14. Packets Lipton Onion Soup
  15. Thick Cut Bacon
  16. Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  17. Salt
  18. Soy Sauce
  19. Housin Sauce
  20. Hot Mustard
  21. Pickled Ginger
  22. Cilantro
  23. Jalapeños
  24. Thick Cut Bacon
  25. BBQ'd Shreaded Pork
  26. Worshestershire Sauce
  27. Large Eggs
  28. Fresh Parsley
  29. Seafood Salad
  30. Cole Slaw
  31. Butter [salted & garlic]
  32. Olive Oil


15 mins
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    Here's only half of what you'll need! 😆 Sorry, my student couldn't fit everything into one photo.

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    Mix 2 pounds ground beef with 1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix with small chunks of cheddar cheese. Add fresh ground black pepper and Worshestershire Sauce to taste. This will make 2 oversized burgers.

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    Sauté your onions in olive oil, butter, fresh ground black pepper and fresh parsley until browned and translucent.

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    Pat patties down and add folded cheese to the center. My student used Velveeta Cheese here.

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    Place double patties together. Pinch and seal edges tightly.

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    Season with salt, fresh ground black pepper, granulated garlic and granulated onion.

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    Place one pound patties on a hot, clean grill.

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    Over a very hot flame, place burgers and give her a good char. Two minutes on each side should do it.

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    Then, move to indirect heat and allow meat to grill for 3 to 5 minutes on each side - depending upon thickness.

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    You'll know they're done when the cheese begins to ooze out. Or, pierce the center. If the fluids run clear - you're good to go.

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    Place cheese on burgers and cover until cheese has melted. About 1 minute.

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    Coat your buns with garlic butter and grill until crispy and charred. Usually 40 seconds.

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    Pictured: Charred oversized buns.

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    Most all burger entries were 1 pound + and created Juicy Lucy style, aka, "stuffed." Here were some of their more creative submissions. ● The Big Ranch Ranchero ● The Big Gouda Budda ● The Big Blue ● The Pesto Basil with Mozzarella ● The Jalapeño Popper ● A[pork]alypse Now ● The Swiss with Roast Beef & Broccoli Rob ● The Big Brie ● The Blue Cheese Breeze ● The Provolone Pounder ● The Asian Invasion ● The BBQ Pork & Cole Slaw Slammer ● The Big Easy Cheesy ● The Burly Bacon-ator ● The Southwestern Pound Pile ● The Fried Egg-inator ● The Crabby Patty ● The Onion-ator ● The PB&J Graceland ● The Munster Monster ● The Vampire Slayer and of course, "The Pig-vicious!" Made with 1/2 beef - 1/2 Sausage with thick cut apple bacon and pulled pork!

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    Build your burger any way you choose to! Or, allow your guests to choose their own style and grill it for them. Just make sure to give them endless options. Feel free to get creative with these bad boys! Enjoy!

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