Sweet Appam

Sweet Appam

Special Sweet Appam for Bogi Pongal/Makarasankranthi. Happy day!! :)



  1. 1 cup Wheat Maida /
  2. 1/2-3/4 cup Jaggery
  3. 2 tablespoons Raw Rice (Appam rice/Pacharisi)
  4. 2-4 Cardamom
  5. 1/2-1 Banana
  6. 1 pinch Cooking soda
  7. 1 pinch Salt
  8. as needed Oil


30 mins
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    In a pan add water, jaggery and boil it. After boiling, filter the jaggery liquid and keep it aside. Then powder the raw rice and cardamom in a mixer grinder.

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    Mix the flour, jaggery liquid, rice powder, mashed banana, cooking soda, salt with little water; make it a thick batter.

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    Heat a paniyaram pan, pour oil in each partition and pour the batter using a ladle to fill each partition.  Cook for 1-2 minutes in a medium flame and turn it using a spoon.

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    Cook it again for 1-2minutes in a medium flame till it turns golden brown in colour.

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    Cook slowly to get golden brown colour.

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    Serve it hot or cool.

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