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My name is Binutha , I am a mother of 4 and I am a homemaker . I love baking and cooking all types of cuisines . I am from Kerala and I am currently living in UAE. My children loves to have my homemade cuisines and so I started experimenting many types of cuisines. Their favourite ones being dessert cuisines :) . I recently got to know about this website in the magazine named Vanitha and so here I am 😃!
Preethi Mohandass
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Love to cook. More than that I love to eat if anyone cooks for me. It also includes to do a lot of eat-outs to taste different recipes. I feel that a simple recipe when cooked with little care will taste heavenly. I try recipes learnt from mom, mil, friends, relatives and also get inspired from other food blogs. Cooking was not in my books till I got married. I still remember the early days of marriage when I was not able to cook not even one dish properly. Me and husband had to survive eating out and occasional cooking at home. We both enjoy good food outside, and slowly I was getting used to the new chore of cooking at home frequently. I started to like it eventually and also understood the basics (better late than never...😜) I still like to take occasional breaks to eat outside and also allow my husband to cook to get recharged...💪😛 I got busy for sometime.......will post more recipies to follow ....
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For more recipes, visit my blog https://cookwithjiya.com/ instagram@spoonoffaith