Simple butter paneer

Simple butter paneer

Chandrima Sarkar Roy


  1. onion
  2. ginger
  3. garlic
  4. tomato
  5. cashew nuts
  6. cardomom
  7. black pepper whole
  8. cinnamon
  9. chili powder red
  10. coriander
  11. cumin powder
  12. kasuri methi
  13. 3 salt
  14. paneer (Indian cottage cheese)
  15. butter


45 mins
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    Boil in water - onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, cashew nuts, cardomom, whole black pepper, cinnamon - for 20 min or until tender.

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    Blend in a mixer everything and keep aside

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    Put butter in a pan. Pour in the blended mixture. add red chili powder, coriander and cumin powder, kasuri methi and salt to taste.

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    Cook for 20 min and add cubed fresh paneer.

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    Enjoy with chapati or basmati rice

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