Ghol kadai prawns

Ghol kadai prawns

Hyderabadi style

Sudheshini Kothwal


  1. 1 cup prawns Large
  2. 0.5 cup onionchopped
  3. 2 teaspoons chillipowder red
  4. 0.5 bunch Coriander leaves
  5. 3 tablespoons cooking oil
  6. 1 drizzle ginger garlic
  7. 1 Lemon
  8. 2 to tastes salt


10 mins
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    Heat a bowl and add prawns and remain on low flame. Slowly water oozes out and prawns starts rounding up. Add pinch of turmeric and salt and off the flame. Heat oil in another pan and fry the prawns for 3 minutes and take it out aside. Now fry the chopped onions (only the edges should turn golden brown) now add ginger garlic paste then pinch of turmeric powder and stir for 2 mins. Add fried prawns and keep frying then add salt and chilli powder and coriander powder (optional). Once content st...

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